The philosophy at Montessori World is to educate and foster children to be creative, independent, and happy individuals who are eager to learn.

All children are encouraged to work at their own pace; first, by learning through the senses, then through their intellect, and through associations with their peers and the adults around them.

In keeping with the Montessori philosophy, the children learn the value of discipline, become aware of the need of the group, and become confident at expressing their own needs and feelings. We believe that the child needs to have a positive self-image and be proud of who he/she is and we strive to provide positive experiences for each child.

Our goal is to help each child develop lifelong habits and skills, especially those that pertain to the continuous pursuit and thirst for knowledge, the desire to strive to achieve one’s personal best, and the development of both inter and intrapersonal skills to become full and active participants in society by having the freedom to explore, create, co-operate, and become in our supportive environment.

Multi-Age Family Grouping - Why Montessori for the Kindergarten Year?

An essential element of a Montessori education is the three year age span; children three to six years of age make up the preschool classroom.  Parents often ask why their child would benefit from staying in their Montessori classroom for the Kindergarten year.  It is during this third year that the development and formation of lifelong character traits take place:

  • using concrete learning materials focuses on teaching for understanding; repetition with the materials have encouraged perseverance to complete cycles of challenging work and led to a perfection of skills
  • the crucial development of self-confidence, enthusiasm for learning, and good work habits through long term practice of constructive, purposeful work
  • the ability to make positive, independent choices and to also be able to concentrate on tasks for sustained periods of time
  • the three year cycle in a classroom ensures continuity in these formative years and that your child's progress is continuous rather than starting anew or "from scratch"
  • the third year is the opportunity to complete the full cycle of activity with the materials, the curriculum, and the solid formation of character traits such as self-motivation, responsibility, and empathy as the Kindergarten aged child can now assume a leadership role, exercise skills to care for younger children, and become a role model to others in the school community
  • this final year allows the children to realize the fruits of their labour from the first two years and in turn, ensure the building of a strong foundation to help your child be prepared and ready for the elementary school years.
The friendly, helpful staff and the well behaved students initially attracted us to Montessori World. With both of our children spending their preschool years at Montessori World, we have really come to appreciate the school for its many wonderful qualities – nurturing staff, excellent academic program, enriching extended hour program, and the variety of field trips. We also enjoy the opportunities to see our children during observation sessions and school performances. My children look forward to going to school everyday, and we believe that Montessori World has definitely helped my children foster a positive attitude towards learning – an attribute which we appreciate and we hope will continue for years to come.
— Mr. & Mrs. Lee – parents

I was referred to Montessori World from another parent, and enrolled my daughter when she was 3 years old. She enjoyed going to school everyday. During observation periods, we got to see the results of the great interaction between the students and their teachers. Our daughter participated in other language programs such as French and Mandarin. We also got to watch a concert performed by the children each December and June. Homework was given to the students for parents to assist in their home reading program. We were very happy with Montessori World.
— Mrs. Young - parent
Thank you for being a caring school. Our family would like to thank you for all of your efforts and love towards the students everyday in providing a great school and happy memories.
— Christine and Terence L. - parents
Thank you for the excellent foundation you have set up for our daughter. She definitely has had a great start. Cheers for more successful years!
— The Goleco family - parents