Montessori World’s staff is comprised of teachers who are Association Montessori Internationale (A.M.I.) certified and also have permanent independent school certification.  They bring a wealth of knowledge and over 15 years of experience to the classroom as they have worked in other Montessori preschools in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

With an excellent teacher to student ratio (three teachers for a maximum of twenty students), the teachers are able to provide the guidance children need as they recognize and address different learning styles in order to help students determine how they learn most effectively.

Our staff believe that the school is part of a warm and supportive community of students, parents, and teachers.  The partnership between school and the home, through regular and open communication, is extremely important to us as we set high expectations for all students in helping them work to their potential.

During the school year, Montessori World regularly organizes parent information evenings. Topics presented in previous years include "Montessori Education for Preschoolers", "Healthy Living and Healthy Choices" and the "Action Schools Program" (focusing on forming good habits early in life as children learn about the importance of an active lifestyle and smart food choices), and "Why Choose Montessori for Kindergarten". The school also welcomes parental suggestions for topics they would like to see presented.

The staff’s commitment to excellence and achievement create an environment for the children where they strive with pleasure to do their best, and ultimately, develop a love for learning.
— Ms. Chamzuk - parent
Mrs. Milenkovic is extremely professional, patient, and works diligently at establishing a strong connection between home and school. She knows how to compliment a child and through suggestions, helped our child become more independent, happy, and confident. Her ability to talk to the children which is a great and wonderful skill.
— Mrs. Garillos - parent
The school has provided some great parent information evenings on topics such as Montessori education and how to raise healthy children. We learned about important academic, social, and health related issues for preschool aged children and we are so thankful to the school for providing us with these opportunities. Aside from the classroom programs, we are also so appreciative that he was able to partake in rich cultural experiences with his classmates on field trips to the Art Gallery, the Bloedel Conservatory, and the Museum of Anthropology.
— Ms. Wong - parent